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  1. All individual and organizational members shall be entitled to attend seminars, lectures, workshops, conferences, concerts and festivals either free or against adequate consideration as determined by the Board of Directors.
  2. Any charitable organization/school who has granted membership could initiate partnership in implementing projects to promote the charitable purpose of the organization.
  3. The members shall be entitled to other privileges and concessions as determined and announced by the organization from time to time.
  4. Members can withdraw their membership at any time after submitting a written request.
  5. Members have a right to ask for a copy of the financial report and progress report.
  6. Voting members should pay annual membership fees within one month but no later than 90 days from the end of financial year, i.e. 31st March.
  7. Non-payment of membership dues will lead to cancelation of the membership and no right to vote.
  8. Members shall agree to abide by the rules and regulations (Code of Conduct) of the organization.
  9. Members shall agree to get permission from the organization before using its name at local, regional and at international levels.
  10. Members shall agree to support the aims and objectives of the organization for human development.
  11. Members shall agree to update their contact details and any circumstances that will prevent them from being a member of the organization.


  1. Members shall pay yearly dues as established by the by the organization.
  2. All subscriptions are payable in advance by 1st April of each year. Subscriptions are payable for a full year irrespective of the period for which a person is a member in a financial year.
  3. The Board of Directors is empowered to raise funds by levying special subscriptions or inviting donations from the members for meeting any urgent needs of the organization.
  4. Members failing to pay their dues within 90 days after receiving the call for payment shall be notified by the organization. If payment is not received by the end of the current year, membership will be discontinued. The Board may exercise discretion and not suspend membership when special circumstances exist.
  5. In the case of non-payment of dues, the condition of full rights member will be recovered when all dues pending are paid.

Charity Membership

Fees & Benefits

Supporting Member

Non-Voting Rights

$20 per annum

Organization Member

Voting Rights

$100 per annum